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Starting up doesn't have to be scary, I offer phased packages to help you grow your business organically

My experience as a reiki practitioner combined with my love of the outdoors and wellbeing makes the process of working with me more like visiting a retreat than a creative agency. Whether your starting out or refreshing an existing brand you can drop in at any time for a brand review or content health check. I believe in bringing balance to the branding process and taking time out to check in. We all have something special to give to the world and I’m here to help you find your unique gifts.


working with me


Trying to figure out where to start? My brand workshops will help you get creative to get clear

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i’m your go-to-gal for conscious female creators to start up there dream businesses

Think of me as a holistic brand stylist, I combine creative storytelling and meditation techniques to get you into a flow state where you best ideas are born. Everyone's story is unique, and this transformational processes helps to draw out your speciality in order to create an empowering brands and inspirational content that is creative confident and full of personality.


about me


my alternative cv

I have spent the past 20 years in more job roles than you can imagine. I have danced on stage at the London Palladium and played one of the brothers in Joseph. I dropped out of university in Manchester when I was 18 and then went on to smash a media degree at Westminster age 30. I have lived in six different countries, taught snowboarding in Colorado and worked for Richard Branson in his ski lodge, where it wasn't uncommon to see Peter Gabriel in his long johns. I’ve had 2 “near-death” experiences that have shaped my approach to life and changed the way my body will work forever. I am in love with the sea, the mountains, and the forests yet I live in London. I have worked for Virgin, Nike, The North Face and The BBC and have made two female empowerment documentaries. I have looked after a newborn baby when my sister was in hospital with postnatal depression and have learned what it’s like to painfully grow from bad experiences. I am a qualified fitness instructor, snowboard coach, reiki practitioner and soon to be yoga instructor and the longest I have ever had a full-time corporate job is 1 year.


change is your friend


Follow your flow

When I look back at my alternative CV I can see that by not resisting change and going with the flow has ultimately given me my best experiences and I have learned the most amazing lessons enabling me to progress mentally and spiritually.

Without change, there is no adventure in life. We get stuck and stagnate in our own stuff. I have come to realise that change is my friend as it presents opportunities that cultivate creativity. It would be my pleasure to work with you on changing things up, giving you the confidence to go against the status quo, let go and learn to use change to your advantage so you may access your intuitive creative skills.


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To help you on your entrepreneurial journey and let's face it, it’s always better with friends. I would like to invite you to join The Curious and Co a pop up feel-good studio, community, blog and personal inspiration space that brings me back to my intrepid explorer inside. Come and join the adventure at an event or workshop and get in touch for creative collaborations.