Sacred Womb Art Journey - 28th May


sacred womb art journey

I’m so excited to be part of this amazing spring event with other makers, creators and wellness witches. I will be offering a 3hr Sacred Womb Art Workshop on SUNDAY 28th April at 3pm.

The womb space, the seat of all devine feminin creation.

In this sacred art journey you will connect to your personal power, strengthen and celebrate your incredible life force energy while opening new energetic pathways for healing.

Using the energy of reiki to hold space, I will take you deep into the seat of feminine creativity, starting in stillness and moving through a short guided meditation. After a period of deep remembering, journaling and connection you will be asked to express the essence of your visions using the art materials provided. No prior artistic experience is needed, just an open mind and a willingness to celebrate your femininity with the surrounding sisters. Your creations will accompany you home and be a beautiful reminder of your intimate and limitless creative power.


This workshop is for

Women who are seeking more intimate connection with themselves

Women who are feeling a little blocked or disconnected in that area

Women who want to reconnect to there creative power