Rewilding retreat Anglesey on the 19th - 21st July


nature is calling, listen


Anglesey in North Wales has a special place in my heart and energetically it has super powers for healing. I have had so many deep connected experiences with nature on this island, which helped my own personal healing journey after a traumatic relationship breakdown in 2014. The magic in the land here is stronger than I have sensed in other places and it always bring me back to basics.

I invite you to join me in rewilding yourself through a selection of carefully crafted rewilding practices set to a coastal backdrop of sandy beaches, rugged rocks, ancient forests and cosy wooden lodges. This weekend is for women who yearn to feel a connection to mother earth and get back to nature by tuning into her rhythms.


remember your sacred

connection to the earth


Why rewilding?

Today we often live lifestyles that alienate us from from the natural world which can create physical disconnection from the earth's healing energy and deep feeling that something is missing. Rewilding in this sense is simply the act of restoring our sacred relationship to the natural world by following in the footsteps of our ancestors in order to remember we are not separate ecosystems we are all one.

In our time together you will learn to tune into natures natural cycles and feel into the subtle energy of the elements and the seasons. You will reconnect and restore through contact with an all female community in a specially created environment that promotes healing and wellbeing.


Join me in coming home, to my home where we will wander through forests, eat heavenly local vegetarian produce and wild swim in the sea. We will learn about the land and about forging as well as experiencing shamanic journey meditations rooted in nature. You will also learn about how to connect to your own life force energy (reiki) in order to heal from within. Every morning before breakfast we will spend some time in an embodied yoga practice to help us ground and set the tone for the day.

As well as nurturing our souls we will do one activity that requires a bit of bravery, just like nature our rhythms are ever changing and we will represent this by leaping out of our comfort zones. Following this practice we will balance the masculine and feminine energies of the earth in deep relaxation and wholesome company in wooden hot tubs overlooking the Welsh landscape.


let yourself be held by nature


Our sacred practices

  • Elemental fire ceremony to welcome the community

  • Embodied flow yoga and offering to nature

  • Coastal foraging with professional guide

  • Self evolvement and connection exercises

  • Cliff jumping with professional guide (optional)

  • Shamanic journey meditations

  • Wild swimming

  • Hot tub relaxation time

  • Sacred womb art workshop

  • Forest meditation

  • Visit to a sacred celtic druid site

  • Vegetarian locally sourced feasts

  • Closing cacao ceremony


Connect with the subtle

energy of the elements

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Your home for the weekend

We will be staying at the Anglesey Outdoors Center in Treauda Bay. This cosy Swiss style wooden cabin is nestled in amongst the rolling coastal hills with views of the sea and offers twin and bunk rooms with bedding provided. There is a communal living and kitchen area where we will be practicing yoga, eating specially prepared vegetarian feasts and of course relaxing in our free time.


You will need to bring

  • Comfy yoga clothes

  • Swimming costume, beach towel and towel

  • Outdoor jacket and cosy jumpers

  • Trainers or trecking books

  • Sun cream

  • Water bottle

  • Tea flask

  • Blanket

  • Yoga mat

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  • Single Bed in bunk room for four £460 pp

  • Single bed in twin room £480 pp

  • A Deposit of £150 secures your place

  • Deposits are non refundable & non transferable

  • Balance to be paid in FULL 5 weeks Before Arrival 12/07/19


  • Check in at 3pm Friday

  • Check out 11am Monday