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money matters


What an incredible turn out for the second Conscious Female Creators Networking Breakfast @hackneydownsstudios. I was so stoked when 40 women turned up bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to get gritty with money matters.

The talented @yanabinaev kicked the morning off with her amazing, heartfelt personal journey. I don’t think anyone would have left that room uninspired, she really brought the fire 🔥 and my new favourite mantra ALL OBSTACLES ARE ILLUSIONS.

Even though the topic of money and debt especially can be pretty heavy and comes with its own uncomfortable energy. Our panel and speakers kept it light with good practical advice about how to work out rates, save money, be brave and ask for your worth.

If you interested in carrying on the conversation or sharing any personal conscious creator hacks then head over to my new closed facebook page for female conscious creators who are ready to rise and thrive in business. YES PEASE!

Heres a collection of tips and and take aways from the event as well as full audio recording of the morning. I hope you enjoy listening and learning and pop any questions or personal takeaways in the comments box down below.


all obstacles are illusions


Yanna Binaev

  • Be patient

  • All the light you need is already inside of you

  • Rise to the challenge, don’t feel sorry for yourself, no matter how hard it gets

  • Be happy. Learn to dance in the rain instead of waiting for the sun to come out

  • Practice self-love, even if you fail

  • Miracles exist

  • Have faith



Mariko Pon

Mariko’s magical rate calculator to help you workout your hourly fees and yearly salary.

1. Define your equivalent salary that you would be paid if you were employed. Let’s say that would be £50,000 per year.

2. Add your business expenses that you can’t pass on to clients, such as rent, phone costs, etc. For a freelance £5,000 is a good figure to work with. Read more



Chloe Stewart

I absolutely love what this lady is doing to combat food waste. If you haven’t tried her delicious juice pulp granola then I urge you to. Megan at Restore stocks it so be sure to pop in after the next event.

“Our heads are our biggest obstacles and as soon as we acknowledge that and accept it we realise we can be our most incredible tool kits, in order to figure things out and get on with it.” - Chloe



Paula Webb

The lovely Paula has very kindly shared with me a link that will take you to an online booking form so you can schedual a free business consultation with Nordens.


whats your money story?


Money can bring up all sorts of emotions and triggers. It’s important to find out where it all comes from so we are able to start healing our so called money traumas. Let’s face it every thought about money we have ever had is totally valid and it’s got to have come from somewhere. Wether that be our upbringing, social conditioning or comparison, it’s different for everyone.

Now it’s time for you to reclaim and rewrite your money story. So to kick start this process I have created a downloadable worksheet to help you let go of limiting money beliefs. Let me know how it goes :)


money matters event audio


next event is on the 2nd may


This May we will be talking about building your personal brand and offering advice and tips on how to show up with all of your glorious uniqueness. With the help of our two amazing speakers and a little input from me and my own branding experience we hope to inspire you to break the mould and rise and thrive in whatever it is you do!


conscious creator edit 


What an amazing turnout! So many awesome and inspirational women in one place. My heart goes out to all of you and especially our talented panel for opening up about their money stories. Click HERE  to open a folder containing the full edit. Feel free to use and repost with the credits: @brollyella @emmashoesmith @thecuriousandco @hackneydownsstudios