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The Conscious Female Creators events are becoming a bit of a calendar must for some. It's so great to see the same faces and new faces attending my event each month. Every time I stand up to speak I feel like I'm in the right place, doing the right thing, at the right time. In May I was joined by June Aye and Emma Marshall, June works in digital marketing and Emma is a personal brand photographer. They both brought their unique skills and gifts to the table whilst giving energizing and informative presentations that inspired the audience.


personal brand content


First of all I want to say a big thank you to Tracy who completed the content competition and smashed it with her awesome and honest posts. Tracy wasn't the only one that joined in, I had 7 active participators that all put loads of effort in and really went deep into their personal brand. Whilst the competition was on I noticed the engagements of my personal posts were much higher and there was a real buzz in the air about the competition. I was lucky enough to tell Tracy she had won her ‘Brand Health Check’ on her birthday which made it even more special for me. Tracy pictured below is a pre and post natal doula and offers calm, practical and emotional support from conception to birth and beyond.


The content challenge is still alive and kicking although the competition part is over. You can still download the worksheet and do the 7 day challenge for yourself. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #consciousfemalecreators and I will always try to repost on Instagram stories.  You can download the worksheet here.


whats a brand health check?


In a Brand Health Check I take a holistic approach to reviewing your current brand assets and look at them from a fresh perspective. So for example when looking at a website I may noticed that the contact details and call-to-action is not obvious which may be causing you to lose sales. I will also comment on fonts colour palettes and general brand cohesiveness as well as advice about content creation and look at what assets you already have but may not be using.

My brand health Checks can be executed face-to-face or online but no matter how I do it you will leave with a page of action points for you to start putting into place the advice that I have given. Book a free 20 min call with me to arrange your Brand Health Check.


the speakers


June Aye

We were joined by the amazing June a who imparted all of her amazing marketing knowledge to the group. Her energy and enthusiasm was palpable as was her presentation which was loaded with dynamic action points to help grow and retain your audience.


Here are some of June's takeaways

  1. Start with why-  Why, how and what is it your offering?

  2. Shaping your brand - What's your story? What tone of voice are you going to use? What are the feelings surrounding that?

  3. Where to share -  What are the aligned platforms? What formats and syndicates you're gonna use?

  4. Know who your audience is - What are their interests? How do you reach them and how will you serve them?

  5. Most importantly give value - What is it that only you can offer?

  6. Be creative - Collaborate with other companies or people who compliment your brand

  7. Be consistent - Show up for your audience even when you don't feel like it, try to engage.



Authentic photography to engage your audience and grow your business.


I've put together a list of action points that have helped me stay aligned WITH my original BUSINESS vision.


• Figure out what your personal values, passions and strengths are weave them into your brand.

• Clean up your social media get all your accounts looking shiny.

• Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, photo and video are key, so get posting.

• Use your passions to create uniqueness on social the weirder the better.

• Write like you speak, hone your unique tone of voice.

• Celebrate success, shout about your wins and be honest about your lows.