Build Your Brand in a Day - 20th July

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Welcome to your very own build your brand style map workshop. This day is all about getting to your unique and what makes you stand out from the rest. I use a series of exercises and workshops to help you get out of your own way and look at your brand from a new perspective while taking into account your personal vision for your company.

This workshop is a serious step forward in your career and one that is guaranteed to get results. You will come away with a clear vision for your brand, you will define who your target market is and top it all off with the perfect font combinations and colour pallets to set you up. 

With the right help in the early stages of starting up you don't need to employ a graphic designer or agency to tell you what your brand should look like. It needs to come from you, to come from the heart. That’s why I have designed this day to give you the opportunity to find your brand voice, vision and values. 


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Why create a brand map?

A brand map will help to guide you in the the early stages of your brand or company's creative direction.

How do you want people to see you business? Do you have a powerful vision for you brand? It’s so important that before you commission a designer to create any brand assets that you have a clear vision for your brand.

This map will lead you in the direction of success, it will be with you at every turn it will spur you on when you confused about what creative route to take. It will become an essential resource for you to grow your amazing business ‘Your way’ while creating the right impact from the start.


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What happens on the day?

First let's turn of that rational thinking mind off and drop deep into meditation so we can access our intuition and innate creativity. Once your super relaxed and ready to receive I will take you through a series of guided visual journeys which encourage you to start to looking at your brand in a new light. 

We will then spend some time getting creative with our hands, using magazine cut outs and key words to create moodboards inspired by the signs, symbols and insights you saw while meditating. After creating visual references we start to look at colour pallets and font’s while testing options and learning about what goes with what and why certain fonts and colours should not be used together. 

Now it’s workshop time, I will take you through a series of activities and question sheets to define your brands voice, vision and values as well as ideal customer profile. This part is really fun and I don't want to give anything away until the day. 

Your totally inspired and revved up and the style for your brand is starting to emerge. While all those ideas are hot of the press we will get them down on an easy to use template I have created for you. This will put the power in your hands and together we will create your own brand map that will become the key to unlocking your brands super powers. 

How long does the workshop run for?

The day starts at 10am and finishes between 5 and 6pm. We will break for lunch in the middle and there will be nourishing tea and snacks on hand throughout the day. Still not 100% book a free call to see if it’s right for you.

What you will need to bring:

1. Laptop

2. A Google Drive and Canva Account (Both of which are free)

3. A journal and a couple of pens

3. An open mind and and open heart and the drive to rise and thrive in business

What you will leave with:

1. Colour pallets and codes

2. Font options (Free google fonts)

3. Basic name logo

4. Company voice, vision and values

5. Ideal customer profile


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