Autumn Equinox Transition Journey - 10th Sep
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Autumn Equinox

Transition Journey


Starting on the 10th September

Welcome to your Autumn Equinox Transition Journey a twenty day virtual course to help you ease into autumn and integrate with the Equinox.

This daily course delivered via WhatsApp will aid your transition from the sparkly summer months to the darker days of autumn and winter. 

The specially crafted twenty day journey is for women who are looking for a deeper connection with themselves, nature and their environment. September is a month of transformation and it holds such potent energy for me. As well as it being my birthday month it has always been my favourite time of the year. The colours found in nature, the change of pace and Mother Earths ability to nudge you softly to slow down after the fast pace summer season. This is also a month of acceptance a time when our shadows show strong but it’s also the most potent time for transmutation, the ultimate falling away of old patterns and limiting beliefs. 

It is my calling and my deep honour to support you through this magical transformational time using a combination of healing activations, meditations, channelled information and personal resources that have helped and inspired me during this time of year. 

If this sounds like a journey you would like to go on the read on for more information and daily journey content. 

If it’s already a YES then follow then click below to secure your place on our journey.

Journey Investment: £65 for twenty days of content that you will have access to any time.


How will the twenty day journey run?

The course will start with a welcome message from me and a chance to meet your fellow Equinox journeyers. I will be connecting with you at least once a day with the course content and occasionally posting extra channeled information and the odd Oracle card reading for the group. There will be two Whatsapp threads one called Equinox Journey Content and the other called Equinox Journey Community. I want to give everyone the opportunity to connect with sisters in the circle as well as privately experience this offering if that is what you feel called to do. 

Each piece of content will either be active or passive and sometimes a mixture of both, for example some days I may recommend certain rituals or practices and other days it may just be a thought or some channelled information. However I will always offer a light version of the content for those times when life gets in the way and you cant actively engage. For example (Get into nature). 

What happens after the twenty days?

At the end of the course all the information will be available to you on a private page on my website. The community WhatsApp group will continue as long as the community is connecting. We are going to create a really powerful and supportive circle of sisters over our time together and I believe it’s important to keep that support system open and alive for as long as you need it.

Who is this course for?

  • Women who are committed to there personal healing journey

  • Closet witches, back seat healers, yogis and sentient beings

  • Those who are looking for energy healing support and spiritual mentorship

  • The women who are ready to surrender and release without judgement


find your flow in fall


Autumn Equinox


Journey Content 

DAY 1: Introduction video and welcome, a chance to meet fellow journeyers 

DAY 2 : Recorded guided meditation 

DAY 3: Plant ceremony 

DAY 4: Journal prompts

DAY 5: Full moon ritual

DAY 6: Recommended reading

DAY 7: Mantra & music 

DAY 8: Mindful kitchen, seasonal cooking

DAY 9: Recorded Guided Meditation

DAY 10: House blessing and ritual

DAY 11: Follow Friday, Intro to my online power houses

DAY 12: Visit a power place in nature

DAY 13: Self care day 

DAY 14: Autumn Equinox ceremony 

DAY 15: Mini burial ritual, rest and reset

DAY 16: Recorded guided meditation

DAY 17: Gratitude list

DAY 18: Friday night in, movement & dance

DAY 19: New moon ritual

DAY 20: Reflections and closing ceremony 


Ready to join the journey?