Conscious female creator networking event - April 5th

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conscious female creators combine forces to make magic once again

Following the success of my women’s networking breakfast for International Women’s Day The Curious and Co are combining forces with Hackney Downs Studios to bring you not one but a series of conscious female creator events.

On April the 5th we will be discussing the often taboo subject of money. The panel will be sharing their personal money stories as well as opening up a discussion on pricing, asking for your worth and debt what it’s like to be in and out of it.

This event is for all women everywhere, it’s a chance to open up the conversation in a safe and honest space. As well as providing a little encouragement in a world full of do’s and don'ts. Our amazing panel, who are all at different stages of their career will be there to answer any questions about money and give their personal takeaways on the subject.

If your interested in joining the panel or speaking at a future event then please get in touch with me.

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What an amazing turn out! So many awesome and inspirational women in one place. My heart goes out to all of you and especially our talented panel for opening up honestly about there versions of success. Click HERE to open a folder containing the full photo edit by Ella Brolly. Feel free to use and repost with the credits: @brollyella @emmashoesmith @thecuriousandco @hackneydownsstudios

the discussion topic last month was ‘success’ and all the different stories we tell ourselves about it.

‘Success is less about the things you wish to acquire and more about a state you’re trying to cultivate’.

Laura from @itswildalcemy 

‘My main takeaway from today is to continue to reframe what we might have been programmed to believe is the definition of success. It is about setting your own goals & ideas of what success looks like and feels like, taking stock each day of what we've achieved and celebrating those achievements. Equally it's so important to be kind to ourselves when things might not be going as well and make sure we take downtime when it's clearly needed!’

Megan from @restore.refill

‘Thanks so much for putting on such a brilliant event this morning. All of the panel including yourself were just so inspirational! Each tied into my own personal journey and have spurred me on with a big old smile! Happy international woman's Day!

Anonymous awesome business lady 💁‍♀️

how do you view success and is it holding you back?

I have created a free worksheet to help you get out of your head and redefine what success means to you.

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