#Shemovesmountains speaker with The North Face

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I was approached by long time friend and Northface community Manager Emily Ackner to be part of The North Face's very first female advertising campaign #Shemovesmountins. At first I was obviously flabbergasted at the fact I had been asked but then I started to think about what mountains I had moved recently. The only one I could think of was the mountain of unwashed clothes I had moved all the way from my bed to the laundry basket. Then I pondered for a moment and looked back at some of the mountains me and my good friend (cue) Emily had climbed together. Our journey of super best friend friendship started in a little ski resort called Verbier where we were both part time bed makers and full time riders, well we had lift passes. Which we used regularly to get us closer to the snowy peaks which we would then hike to find that off piste perfection, ending up back at the bottom only to hike yet another hill but this one took us to Le Pub.

Fast forward 10 years on and here we are, Emily runs a successful PT business and is community manager at The North Face and I masquerade as a Creative Director and Film Director for sports brands. Damn right we moved mountains, from making beds and making turns to working in a heavily male dominated industry and pushing gender stereotypes in our job rolls.


So I agreed, I think I qualify for moving mountains. My first task was to be photographed by the amazing Stephanie Sian Smith for a book simply titled She Moves Mountains. The images were all to be shot in black and white and would be accompanied by a short interview with each lady. I arrived on a sunny Wednesday afternoon in Shoreditch, heart slightly in mouth at the thought of being in front of the camera and not behind. (Trying to channel my inner drama student now) So there we all are, photographer, producer, director and assistant and some other awesome ladies who had been selected for the the campaign. (Sophie Everard and Kim Heartwell).

Steph (The photographer) who I actually used to assist for back in my very early london days made me feel extremely comfortable and after a few minutes I was up to my old tricks doing handstands and high kick’s with gay abandon. Using what my mamma gave me! It was totally liberating and after I felt great. Mountain 1 moved!

Mountain 2 came in the form of Emily asking me to speak at the  #shemovesmounitins event in the North Face Store on Regent Street. The theme of the evening was creativity and I was honored to be paired with Hannah from Neon Stash and Kath, illustrator at Faction Skis. Being creative is my job so I thought I had this one dialed but when I started to write, the words just didn't want to come out. So I closed my laptop and headed to my local park to get inspired, and inspired I was. I realised that all it took for me to access the creative side of my brain was to detach from any electrical objects, look away from the screen, feel my feet on the grass and take some deep breaths and there you have it. The title for my talk, why Nature Inspires Creativity.


I arrived to a full house of female fantasticness and had the old boyfriend, Alejo in tow for moral support. Obviously, I was up first (challenge number 1000) getting used to it at this point, so I take a deep breath and good swig of kombucha and off I go. Mountain 2 Moved!

Here are the talking points from my presentation

Now in full swing the #shemovesmountains campaign is a must follow on social, It’s an endless source of inspirational ladies, smashing big, small and personal goals. My next challenge for TNF will be to create some awesome action content with a small group of young ladies on adventure weekends with The Outward Bound Trust.

You can find out more about there campaign here

Emma Shoesmith